For clients who require a more bespoke advisory engagement we offer a suite of consultancy services. Our consultancy work is research-based and draws on our existing market data and knowledge of the healthcare technology sector, to deliver targeted strategic support to our clients.

Navigating Growth

Achieving sustained growth is imperative to any organisation, although it’s route is often perilous. Over a ten-year period, growth drives nearly three-quarters of shareholder returns, making it the primary focus for many. The starting position for many organisations suggest that growth is likely, however, fewer than half of them achieve true value-creation over a ten-year period. We understand that the most likely path toward sustained value-creating growth requires two main ingredients. These are defining the optimal direction (the strategy) and deciding on the amount of thrust to use (the resources). Our “growth” consultancy engagements are typically focused on delivering the following:

  1. Defining successful medium and long-term winning growth strategies
  2. Identifying the true drivers of value-generating growth
  3. Pivoting from revenue stagnation to value-generating growth
  4. Safeguarding and maintaining existing growth momentum
  5. Maximising event-driven growth opportunities

Marketing & Sales

Customer expectations, experiences and relationships are evolving in almost every market globally. The incumbent traditional go-to-market approaches, although still effective, are becoming less effective due to the rapidly evolving alternatives. Today, companies are required to seamlessly integrate their digital and human capabilities to deliver an impeccable customer experience just to maintain existing customers. Delivering a responsive, personalised, and consistent service 24/7 are only the prerequisites in order to sustain customer relationships before thinking about growth.

As companies re-evaluate their customer engagement models, technology is enabling radical changes within the commercial functions of marketing, sales and pricing. More sophisticated software, such as the use of AI-driven applications is being leveraged to convey branding across digital and offline channels, targeting customers with the best offer at the right time. Tech-empowered sales teams are able to anticipate the needs of customers and curate personalised messages in order to maximise sales growth opportunities. Digital technologies are also offering fresh opportunities to improve operating models. The combination of low-cost data sensors, computing power and storage, AI, mobility, and robotics will allow numerous business processes to be automated within the next few years. 

The greatest potential opportunities, however, lie beyond adopting new technologies or improving processes. They involve deep transformational change—such as organizational leaps from traditional transaction-based business models rooted in products and services to customer-centric business models and growth platforms. Our “marketing & sales” consultancy engagements are designed to guide you through organisational changes and typically involve:

  1. Defining successful go-to-market strategies within new or emerging markets
  2. Identifying customer needs and successful customer-centric marketing for the digitalised era
  3. Pivoting from transaction-based to customer-centric business models and growth
  4. Pivoting from revenue stagnation to organic and customer-centric growth
  5. Improving marketing effectiveness and efficiency
  6. Sales channel transformation and development

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