Medical Imaging OEMs in South Korea

About this report

This report is designed for executives working within the medical imaging sector, particularly those working within a market intelligence, product management, strategy, marketing or investment function. It provides access to market data accompanied by analyst commentary on the significant market trends and developments amongst the medical imaging OEMs originating within South Korea. In terms of data, this product provides access to the most current market data available (FY 2019) as well as both a 5-year historic and 5-year forecasted time-series dataset.

Summary points

  • 20+ medical imaging OEMs covered
  • Data points include sales revenue, production volumes and unit price index
  • Includes the latest 2019 financial year (FY) results
  • Includes the latest Q1 2020 results and impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)
  • 5-year time period for both historic and forecasted data
  • Multi-modality covering X-ray, Ultrasound and MRI
  • Key segmentations by industry sector, product category and geography
  • Government Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data initiatives discussed

Data and segmentation

Report features


  • Quantitative data on market
  • Identifies products and geographical regions driving sales growth
  • Review of dominate sales and distribution strategies
  • Summary of government funding and initiatives within medical imaging
  • Industry event timeline (e.g. product launches, capital raising, investments, expansion activities)
  • Summary of Korean healthcare sector and review of dynamics and drivers of growth


  • Quantitative data on individual OEM performance
  • Market share estimates by OEM
  • Event timeline (e.g. product launches, capital raising, investments, expansion activities)
  • Review of individual OEM sales and distribution strategies
  • Review of U.S. FDA regulatory approvals by Korean OEMs


  • Summarises both current and likely technological advantages of OEMs
  • Summarises developments of artificial intelligence within medical imaging
  • Discusses trends in product development and the product development pipeline
  • Summaries expenditures on research and development activities


  • Summary of strategic partnerships
  • Our take on current OEM strategies
  • After-sale access to Analyst for support on your questions or queries

Imaging OEMs covered

The Korean medical imaging sector consists of a group of dynamic and high-potential companies. We believe that we have developed the most comprehensive view of the Korean medical imaging sector that the market intelligence industry has to offer. Below is a list of the OEMs which are included within this particular research project. The performance of these companies form the basis of the primary dataset and analysis presented.

Company NamePrimary Imaging Technology
Alpinion Medical SystemsUltrasound
Digital Imaging TechnologyImage Processing
DK Medical SystemsX-ray
DRGEM CorporationX-ray
DRTECH CorporationFPD
Gems MedicalX-ray
HNT MedicalX-ray
JPI HealthcareX-ray
Listem CorporationX-ray
LG ElectronicsFPD
Medi FutureX-ray
MedonicaMRI, X-ray
Philips KoreaUltrasound, X-ray
Samsung ElectronicsElectronics
Samsung MedisonUltrasound
SG HealthcareX-ray, MRI

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