Technology Innovator Indicator Methodology

PMI individually assess imaging technology providers in order to indicate the likelihood that they are a technology innovator. A technology innovator is defined as a company which uses technology to differentiate its products and services. This includes both companies with proprietary technology as well as companies integration novel technology from third-party providers. Each company is categorised as being ‘Likely’, ‘Somewhat Likely’ or ‘Unlikely’ to be a technology innovator and this categorisation is based upon assessing a range of data points. These data points include: 

  • The volume of patents obtained by the company
  • The type and nature of patents obtained by the company
  • The composition of employees i.e. the proportion of engineering or R&D personnel
  • Collaborations and partnerships with Universities relating to R&D projects
  • Awards achieved for products or innovations
  • R&D expenditure as a percentage of sales